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Quick Pickup Question...


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Yeah, they just go over the pickups and then you solder them to the back of the pickup. It does take quite a bit of heat to solder them though. I have a Jazz and Custom in my Gibby LP and I really like 'em. They came without covers and I never put them on. I took the pickups out of my Gibby and took the covers off. But they didn't fit over the Seymour Duncans and I never looked any further. I sold the pickukps but I kept the covers, I still have them. I may put covers on some day, but then again, maybe not.

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You have to be careful not to let solder drip into the coils.

and you have to heat the cover first.. and the bottom of the pup.. then apply the solder.

You have to be sure the fit is tight and as right as possible.. otherwise you solder in a rattle machine, or get done and realize

the adjustment screw holes are not where they should be.. small mistakes can make for a bad job of it.


But with patience and open eyes.. you can do it.

Don't overheat either.. you can melt the coating on the coil wires, too.


Same thing with wax potting. You have to have the wax at a certain temp while the pups soak. Too hot. goodbye coil windings.

too cold, lousy job and does little or nothing.


I'd email Seymour Duncan! Let them walk me through it since I bought their pups.

They'd probably either help you out or recommend against it.

so google and youtube may be a help.



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I'm in the "reccomend against it" group. Not only are there a number of ways you can mess up your pickup, but a cover is also going to darken the tone, not always in a good way. I have a set of uncovered 59's in my epi paul, and a set of covered ones (factory covered) in my PRS copy, and the uncovered ones sound WAY better. The PRS is a brighter sounding guitar by nature, but it still sounds a little darker and muddier than the Epi. I can only attribute it to the pickup covers.


Am I to understand from your post that the JB does have a cover on it already? Perhaps you'd be better off taking the cover off that one, if you want them to match? Or, personally, I'd get rid of the JB and put a bridge position 59 in its' place. I have had both pickups in epi Pauls, and can honestly say the 59 suits the guitar better, and is more versatile. Higher output does not always equal better tone, IMO...

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