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Question about TonePros bridge for 99 Sheraton II?


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Hello Twang or anyone:


I recently received the Tone Pros Bridge and tail piece model # LPGM02 (gold).

I ordered this based on a recommendation from Marquis Distribution.


My Luthier tried to install it but called and said this bridge was 1 or 2 mm too wide for the posts

in my Sheraton II. The tailpiece fits fine. He said he tried raising the posts, and then putting the bridge

on and screwing it down-it still would not fit.


I was wondering what I should do? My Luthier is recommending (if there is not a slightly narrower bridge),

that he fills the current holes and redrills new holes for the posts. I spoke to someone else and they said that Stew Mac has

"adapters" that can be put in to make the original posts work if the bridge is an 1/8 or 1/16 off.


If the new bridge (LPGM02) is 2.913" inches wide, and I need a slightly narrower bridge. Do you think the

AVR-II (2.900") would work? That's .13" narrower. My Lutheir says the original stock bridge is about 2.85 from post to post.





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