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Epi Fever


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I caught it, boys. The Epi Fever. I'm disregarding my duties at work. I'm neglecting my beautiful and loving wife. I have donut-shaped disfigurements on my head from clamping on the phones at all hours. I keep putting on and removing the pickguard on my Elitist. On one hand, the sleeker look - and more of that gorgeous maple - when it's removed; on the other hand, that be-boppin' hep-cat 50's Jazzbo look.

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I can dig it. My girlfiend, who is not musically inclined, cannot understand why I have 4

guitars, why I have a Marshall Amp but am on Ebay drooling over a Musicman amp like

I used to have, why I will tune, recheck intonation, polish, clean, etc. Regarding EPI's -

I used to think of them as a "Subsidiary of GISON guitars" only, but have come to think

of them as a legitimate stand-alone brand of guitars. (The truth shall set you free...).

Before: "You own an Epiphone?" (snicker, snicker)

Now: "You own an Epiphone?" Wow, WHAT to do you have? Let's see!

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