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Yes my friends...


On Saturady somebody posted a P93 on Ebay with the Buy it Now option, and Boom!!!! Bought it.

BTW , it wasn't the 999.00 one, Im not that crazy.




I expect to receive it on friday...


So I'll post pics.



Now I want a Riviera with full sized humbuckers...




I'll keep you posted and hoping it doesnt end in the U-FIX IT section.

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Congrats, man ...... those appear to be really nice guitars, am sure you'll enjoy it. Hope she arrives in primo condition for ya. I've wanted one since I heard of them ...... I'd love to get one of those Riv p93s, or maybe a Wildkat (they came with p-90's, yes ???). Might cure my gas for a bit :-

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Sorry for the question' date=' but...


How doest it work with 3 pickups? I mean, the possibilities an combinations...[/quote']

You have three selection options via the PU switch:


Neck & Middle

Neck & Middle & Bridge

Middle & Bridge


Each PU has it's own volume knob, allowing you to completely adjust the mix.


You can also get a fourth PU option by setting the selection knob to the middle (adding all three PU to the mix) and turning the volume for the middle PU all the way down, allowing you to get just the Neck and Bridge PU's.


Enjoy! I know I'm enjoying my P93. In fact, I'm going to be getting a roller bridge and flatwounds for it soon! :-k/



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