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used sheraton info needed


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thanks to all for the info.

just put new strings (10s) and it wont stay or play in tune.

just any pressure on the back of the neck and it

sounds like i'm using a trem bar. the strings go flat.

maybe heavier strings and adjust the truss rod?

beauticious guitar, but i don't know if it's a keeper.

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Silly question, but does the neck visibly move?


And I assume you stretched up all the strings after putting them on - i.e. grabbed them and pulled them away from the body as far as possible, before tuning them up, then repeating the process a few times.

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I use 10's (Ernie Ball regular Slinkys) on mine, and have no tuning problems at all.......the description

you gave of dropping pitch by simply touching the neck back, sounds like time to have a pro

check it for a loose or broken truss rod, or a loose neck/body joint.



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sounds like a problem.

those korean epis have five piece necks. mines like a 2/4 for stiffness.

and I had .009s on mine for years with no problems at all.

So I'd guess at this point.. but I really think the truss rod adjustment should do it.


let her settle in. check again. no more than keeping the neck straight and level of course.



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thanks everyone' date=' but i think i'm returning it. even with 11s

and the neck flat it still goes out. maybe i'll get a dot deluxe

or something. any thoughts on the deluxe?



Whoa...hold on. Have you checked the nut. Lubed it with graphite (ground

#2 lead pencil does wonders). When it slips out of tune, if it 'pings' or

jumps, it's most likely a nut problem. Easy, easy fix! Take it to a luthier,

and have it set up, properly while you're at it. Sheri's are far nicer, IMHO

overall than "Dots!" No disrespect intended toward "Dot" owners. They're

quite nice...but, not "Sheratons!"


Remember too, that strings need stretching, and may continue to do that

for days! I'd second think your decision, to return it, unless there is real

structural problems. But...that's just me!



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From my experence of archtops thru the ages' date='they tend not to like lighter gauge strings.


I,d use 12s minimum on a semi acoustic.




i use 8s and 9s hybrids on my riviera and its stayed in tune since 3 months ago when i restrung it (And its 11 years old.). And my newer riviera VT SF wasnt restrung apparently during its whole 11 year life and it supposedly stayed in tune.



id like to add that it might not be any thing to do with your lovely sheri, you could be using crap strings. if your using d'darios or strings like that, they slip like a cow down a buttery field, in my personal and semi-professional opinion, use Galistrings. they make damn nice strings that never ever slip once you'ved stretched them. Seriously, and the pro-coated ones play like new for AGES.


Also, what kind of case you putting it in? Ive had a friend who kept complaining of his guitar going out all the time and that was due to when ever he put it in the case the machineheads would rest on the bottom or the sides and turn which knocked it out of tune.


ALSO where do you store your geetar? do you keep it in a room where the temperature varies alot, by that i mean does it go from really hot to really cold within a day. This can also cause neck warping thus un-tuning your guitar too.

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