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Well, it's decided.


I am going to go with a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rail pups with CTS Push/Pull Superpots from RS Guitarworks. I know the mods of this guitar may seem over dressed but theres no doubt this will make a killer combination. Hopefully I can get those pickups in chrome so I can keep with the total chrome make over on this guitar. I hope to hear back from SD soon on that. I'll keep you guys updated on the mods as they happen. It'll be a few weeks with the extra expense.


I have not decided yet how to wire the pick ups yet but we'll figure that out when we get there.


I got a copy of last weks music from Church and the tone I sculpted using my X3 Live is pretty good I think even with the muddy Korean Pups. I hope to be able to share that video with you in a few days. I need to figure how to seperate the songs as seperate files.


So here are the mods on my Epi Lester:


* Ivory nut ( just let it alone, I love it )


* Chrome Gotoh tuners


* Schaller Strap locks


* Chrome, pick up covers and rings


* Chrome, Mother of Pearl Ringo knobs from Q-parts



* Seymour Duncan P-Rail Pick ups


* RS Guitarworks push/pull Super Pots


* RS Guitarworks 3 way switch


* and a new set of Super Slinky 10's


"That'll do donkey, that'll do"

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