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Well-I'm opening myself up here probably, but here's a link over at bandmix.com to a little home demo I recorded last year. It's called the Ballad of Ironhead. It's an original, meant to be tongue in cheek lyrically and vocally. I used a Boss BR 600 to record and mix it (amatuerishly, I know) and the drums are courtesy of the onboard drum machine. I'm covering the guitar, bass, and vocals.


Guitar- Epiphone Sheraton II, rewired and repotted, + 2 Duncan Pearly Gates PU's replacing the stockers into a Boss Blues Driver, into a Dano Fab Echo into stock Epiphone BC 30 on the clean channel with a little reverb, treble and bass all the way up, mid at half.


Taking my creative and technical abilities out of the equation, I think many of you will agree that the gear sounds pretty damn good! And for those that don't, well, I'm sure you have your reasons!


Oh, Bass isn't a Bass but a Gibson Les Paul Classic run direct into the recorder which was simulating a bass cabinet...I EQ'd it further to approximate bass. I actually bought a cheap bass after this recording, but I think the processed paul actually sounds better...sure is easier to play!


Applause and scorn are equally welcome, but please be gentle with your scorn-I bruise like a peach! LOL




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Love it! But then' date=' I do like The Cramps :-). Those SD's are very clear with distortion. My original Sheri pups would have been mud through that kind of fx. Nice one![/quote']


Hey thanks!


You are the 2nd person that has thought of the cramps hearing that song. I actually knew very little about them until the first guy who said that to me. Now I have discovered that I like them too. I really like Reverend Horton Heat as well. I'm from more of a conventional background though-classic rock and blues...the psycho billy type of thing is new and fun for me...I thought of this tune as more psycho-blues then billy, but nuts is nuts I suppose. I did have the Reverend somewhat in mind when I did it.


The Duncan Pearlies are my best sounding humbucking pickups.


The main guy in the cramps just died I believe-yesterday or so.

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Here you go.


http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-lux-interior5-2009feb05' date='0,5010776.story


And hey, GAShole, very cool and nicely done. (I've got to really start to dig into my BR600 :) )[/quote']


Hey thanks man-and yes, that BR600 is a handy little thing. I really only scratched the surface of it I think-I was going for a very minimalist sound that could be reproduced live in a trio.


What impresses me most about the thing though, is the drum machine. I hadn't heard one since the early 90's-it impressed me so negatively that I didn't check another out tilll I took a risk on the BR600 last year. And this thing sounds very much like real drums! I do wish there was a "rootsier" sounding snare sound though.


I need to learn how to write drum parts now...so far all I can do is arrange existing samples-which is great, but I want to really be able to tailor the drums as much as I can the bass and guitar. I tinkered with it, I know how to make the machine do it, but I just don't understand music theorywise how to time it all out and make it right. When I was a baby, I had an accident where all of my brains slid over into the right side of my skull, leaving me left-side brainless. Can't do math or anything very technical w/o extreme difficulty. I actually applied to be one of Jerry's kids, but instead of Jerry Lewis, they sent me to Jerry Garcia...well, one thing led to another, and pretty soon even my right-side brain was somewhat....compromised. It's a hard ol life, but I get by.


And Duane- thankyou too! Glad it can amuse some folks besides just myself ;)

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Y'all say "the Cramps"........but' date='

This track sounds more like classic '68-'72 Alice Cooper than anything else i've heard.

Think......"Love it to death"


Thats Rockin for sure GASman!!!!!!![/quote']




Alice! LOL Thanks Bender- I bet there's a little Alice in all of us, but I definitely know I got some.


Whenever I hear stuff like "I love the Dead" it just gets stuck in my head for days...I like Alice's writing in those days a lot.


At the core its inspired by Peter Gunn...the bass line started with a rip off of sorts of that theme, and then it just kind of grew. I was trying to imagine Screamin Jay Hawkins as a psyborg w/ a chip on his shoulder singing his autobiography...the guitar parts were somewhat surf inspired, but also 70's hard rock....during the jazzy bit I really felt like Tony Iommi in early Sabbath days. Frigging toss salad, eh? LOL

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