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Factory Strings on the Dot??


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Has anybody any ideas to what the factory strings are on the epiphone dot?

i love the gauge that they come with would love to know what the gauge is eager to replace top e =D>

always has to be the string that breaks, got so many sets of strings missing the top e !

Many Thanks =D>

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Hi thankyou :)

i did have a set of 10s as it goes :)

well i always tend to break the e string on any guitar,

only had the dot for two weeks, which i love :)

we were just rehearsing and i was in the middle of a very repetitive yet hypnotic song had a bit of a beat to it and the top e just went.

i think its just i was strumming too hard?

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Most common causes of constant and consistant string breakage could be a burred spot on the string saddle,

burred spot on tunner, and least often burred spot on fret.

That's why I was wondering if it was breaking at same spot each time.

If it is one of those, sometimes a very, very, very light filing can take care of it.


Could also be binding in the nut slot. Does it tune smoothly?


And yes....it could be your pick.

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