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The chain reaction, a tad long


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Ok, the wife goes for a mile walk during her hour long lunch break, almost everyday the weather allows.

Last week she was almost back at work and she saw a guitar and amp sitting beside the road by the trash recycle bin. She picked it up...a bit ashamed as she felt like she was dumpster diving...lol


Now I would love to say it was a '59 model Gibson Les Paul or maybe an early 50s Fender NoCaster, but it ain't happening#-o What it was, was a FirstAct Model ME301 and it's matching SS 10 watt amp...she figured what the hell...maybe I'd want it and brings it home. I figured "hey can't get any cheaper than a freebee" and a good guitar to play around with modding and such. I sat down to see just how bad a guitar it is..neck felt pretty good and was straight, thickness about half way between my LP Studio and my WildKat in size, but not quite as wide as my Tele Copy Peavey Reactor.


Strummed it and a hell of a frett/nut rattle, barre cords sounded ok up and down the neck (was a surprize) noticed the nut was loss, but the buzz came from the frett board, had come unglued down to about the 3rd frett...hey no problem a bit of wood glue can fix that.


Maple neck with a scarf joint to allow for the head stock angle (not string tree), rose frett board. Did some checking and they say the Strat style body isn't plywood...solid wood, maybe basswood?? a floyd style tremlo. Tuners suck tho, but Hey for free not a bad deal! glue and strings and it's playable. The little amp is almost passable...lol So off to find strings in my little 2 horse town and the chain reaction begins:-"


So, to Fight the crowd at Wally World for Boomer strings? Or go to the local pawn shop that sells a few Slinky and other strings? I figured hey be a good reason to go look around in the pawn shop, might find a sleeper. He has a few acoustic guitars all around, nothing special, some samick electrics a few Epi Specials of both the SG and LP style bolt on necks..one not to bad looking Epi Standard way over priced at dealer new price..a couple Fenders and squires.


Then on a stand in the window I see a LP JR, had the set neck and the Epi head stock, but Gibson on the head and Gibson Custom Shop on the back of the head stock...no serial Number anywhere. YEAP someone had took an Epi and tried to make a Gibson...lol I said something but he said he knew and being it had the set neck still figured it was worth $250 (told him good luck with that)


He said if I wanted the real thing he had a Gibson Melodey Maker with the 2 single coil PUs for $350 if I wanted to take a look at it. He still had the old beat up box it came in. Looked it over, played it unplugged...not bad, but the paint job on it was more like an old time fence white wash. I was shaking my head and handed it back to him and he ask for an offer...I told him since I didn't really care for the color, but guess I could get it repainted ( :^o ) I could give him $200 for it. He ask for my number and said he would think about it and call if he figured he would make a few bucks...since he had it for a few months and no one had really showed any interest.


Now it's just wait and see...anyway...still got the ME301 to play around with and no worries about screwing it up. 8-[


ps...btw never did get any strings.

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