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roller bridge for my Riviera P93


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the schaller has smaller bushings than your epi.

I know, I have one on my lp.

and you don't need to mess with all that.


I think I've got a roller bridge in chrome that's the exact replacement for and epi size bridge..

and it's nice. But I have to go through my box to get the number for you.

Nice price on them, too.


The schaller has rollers that adjust side to side.. and this one doesn't. But I put in on both my sheraton and my lp

and it didn't need any side to side adjustment, the strings were well place over the poles and along the neck.


It's fairly heavy and seems good metal and well done.

I think it comes in gold, too, aren't p93s gold?...but I'll have to get that number off it and check that out.


Identical bushing and spacing though so no messing about to fit it.. use your existent bushings.



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I just ordered the Schaller; should have it tomorrow. :-/


According to my measurements of the stock bridge and the spec's listed for the Schaller, the Schaller bushings are about 1mm narrower (though the post spacing is the same), is that about right TWANG?


I'm going to drop it off next week to have it installed (I have the knowledge and the skill to do it, I just would rather leave it to a professional), get flatwounds put on it, and have it properly set-up. I'll let you know how it turns out.



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My schaller bushings were 2/3 the size of the stock epis.. I had to dowel the holes and redrill for the new ones.

I'm going through my photobucket I'll find a pic..

I've really got to go in there and reorganize these things.


here's the schaller I bought



here's the side view that might show the dowels beneath the bridge a little bit


and sorry for the big pics..

I have to get in there and reduce the pics, too.. I was new to photobucket and had them set to download too large.


you can search photobucket for TWANGthang I think all my pics are public.

start on page five of the main album.

then you can slide show it..

this shows the schaller bushing holes drilled into the dowels.



I did a fast and fairly sloppy job on this.. wanting to get parts in and working and worrying about being perfect later on.

And I really think I'll swap out the schaller when I redo it.. just to have the bushings the same size.


Here's a pic of the other roller bridge. the one I talked about above..



I don't have that part number yet, but it's available on allparts.


I made that one fit and work in my sheri with a little effort. and it worked out well. but it's chrome not gold so I gotta get another.

The korean sheris are not the same size, so that model will pop right on a p93 or other epi with no bushing swap.



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