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Here's a job I wouldn't take on..


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I believe that repair job was inspired by the consumption

of copious amounts of alcohol or perhaps an organic, reality-altering



I believe that particular guitar was used to play Country Music, so

it really doesn't need to be in tune anyway...... (hey, gimmie a break,

I LIVE in TEXAS!!!). Heh, heh, heh....

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I once had a framus acoustic.

big ol' orange thing. Must be 35 years ago now..


and the neck screws came loose.

well I was broke, had gotten laid off. and staying at my folks.

The old man was extremely possessive about his tools.. so I knew I only had a little time.


So I took it out to the garage. drilled right through the back to the board. .it was a bolt on neck..

and put actual bolts through it.

I countersunk the nuts which were like these four ugly inlays on the board.


It still didn't look that bad!

And it worked.


You didn't want to try any bending up there around those nuts though.



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WTF ! Come on guys.

Can't you see it's predrilled for dowels & epoxy !


was pretty funny until I saw that someone actually paid for it' date='

with all that custom hardware ![/quote']

The stock Alnico Classic humbuckers alone are worth the $170

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We can only assume it was bought by somebody very stupid..

or very talented.


I'll show you some pics in this thread later on of two headstock breaks I got courtesy of ups.

They're fixable, although one is pretty problematic. It seems the wood actually bent before it broke.

I'm gonna have to make a super jig for that, and to be honest, I have no idea if even that will do the trick.


the other one's a pretty straightforward snap.



But boy.. that thing.. that poor epi is begging for a lot of time and patience.



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OK' date=' it's easier to make fun of this when we can see the pictures directly, so...






Should he be concerned about any intonation issues?


Does this gentleman also install pickups?


I don't think its funny. I hear that a headstock like this will improve your tone sevenfold. Its like antiquing it makes the tone sweeter. hahahaha =D> =D> ](*,)

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