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Sheraton switchcraft switch install


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Ive just changed the pickups on my sheraton successfully and have got a switchcraft toggle switch to go in. Ive just tried to change it and it hasnt worked. Ive soldered the 3 little wires onto the 3 tabs but my problem is on the other side. On the original switch there is only 1 tab but on the switchcraft one it has 2 tabs?? Do I solder the bare wire to both or just one? The 1st time I tried both and only one direction of the switch worked. Then I tried one tab and the switch didnt do anything. Help?


Also, any advice on pickup height would be greatly appreciated =D>

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Gibson Pickup height: neck PU 3/32''(2.4mm) on both E-strings' date=' bridge PU 1/16''(1.6mm) on both E-strings.

Measured when depressing the two outer E-strings on the last fret. Bottom string to top of polepiece.

These are factory specs.




Thanks dude =D>/

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I do it a bit differently. I run the ground to the switch and then to the output jack.

It's a little neater on sheris I think.


IOW the ground shown to the sleeve of the jack is gone.

instead a ground is run from a pot back to the switch.

and then a ground is run to the sleeve of the jack, along with the hot wire from the switch, to the jack.


I think it makes the long run to the jack stronger and it's easier to thread through.


your mileage may vary.

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