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The C# minor Open Tuning


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The C# minor open tuning ( also called scordature )


C# minor tuning - C# G# C# G# C# E (low to high).

This means the 6th. String (St.) is detuned from E to C#. Most folks know to drop the E to D, one full step, for the Drop D tuning. In this case you drop it one semi-tone more. Start out by matching it an octave below the C# on the 5th. St on the 4th. fret.

The 5th. St. is dropped from A to G#, one half step. This is an octave below the G# on the 3rd. St stopped at the first fret.


The 4th. St is dropped one-half step from D to C#.

The 3rd. St. is raised onw-half step from G to G#.

The 2nd. St. is raised from B to C#.... match it with the other C#'s tuning up one full step higher.

The 1st. string....well you can leave that E alone.

This changes the entire palette and sound of standard tuning.

To get an idea of what this sounds like go here:



Note, you can watch Carlo's fingerings to see how little it really takes to make use of this tuning.


I use this tuning with " Ghost Riders in the Sky". It really conjurs that erie and powerful feeling that song requires.


Have fun,


Santos Vega

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