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What´s your dream guitar?


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HNGD to me' date=' my new PRS SE One was delivered today.

Tobacco Sunburst Single-cut Junior style, one P90 and wrap-over bridge-tailpiece.

My dream guitar for the moment.


Sorry no camera, no pics, but it happened for me.=D>/




Here's a pic for ya...Courtesy of MF:






That thing sure looks sweet!

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Well' date=' since I was a little kid and I saw Michael J. Fox playing "Joohny B. Goode" with a cherry red Gibson ES-335 on "Back To The Future", I´ve gotta say, that was love at first sight...Don´t know when I´ll be able to afford one, but as soon as I get the money, I´ll have one of those...what about you guys?[/quote']


This has been my dream guitar for years 'n years!


Might be spending my Social Security checks on one in the near future.....

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When talking about dream guitars and what ifs and stuff, I used to refer to the Gibson site and just go wild there with the different Les Pauls and even the classic V... But now they got this new Holy stuff, the guitars look like they come right out of some horror movie after being attacked by some monster or something.


I hope the LP is not next, chambering is one thing, but butchering the guitar is a little too extreme, sad if you ask me.

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OOO!! I love this thread!! But, can't pick one!


Okay, I'll start with the ones that I've always wanted:

The Epi Dove:



Black Beauty (2 P'up) Custom: (I personally love this Chrome model!)



Ultra II:



THEN I CAME HERE!! The following guitars were added to my Wish List!!

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Custom:



Sledge's Wildcat!!!



Epi Rivi P93



Epi SC-450 Scroll - Not to be confused with the new Epi SC!




Epi Walnut Studio:



Agile AL-3200



Agile Dauntless:



And a '57 Junior.


Not much, eh? Oh, and for the price of the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Custom, I could get everything else on my list!!


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There are many' date=' but this one is the flavor of the year. I absolutely LOVE the unfinished look with the buzzsaw. Can't afford one right now, but I think it's just pretty damn sweet.[/quote']


I like that better than the regular Zakk model. It's a shame he's the only one that realizes Les Pauls should have maple necks. I want a maple neck LP, but don't particularly care for his paint scheme, or his choice of neck pickup. (The 60 is SOOOOO much better than the 85....) [biggrin] *sigh*[bored] ...

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