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What´s your dream guitar?


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A couple of 'em actually...


First one would be less offensive to the typical forum poster... I want a Normandy aluminum archtop from their custom shop, with a wenge neck, 24 fret ebony fretboard, graphtech self lubricating nut, locking grover rotomatics, a stetsbar with at tonepros bridge with graphtech saddles [i know, the stetsbar moves the bridge so the strings don't rub against the bridge, but I can still break strings with strumming... not to mention, the only place the gold plating is rubbing off my agile as-1000's hardware is the bridge saddles, so if I get black saddles, that can't happen], and either lace alumatone pickups or Q-tuners, both are good pickups. The finish would be anodized black, and it'd have gold hardware... black pickups (if they're Q-tuners, black winding instead of the red) and gold pickup rings. [note: asked them about everything but the pickup rings, they'll be able to do it. Just need funds.]


The other one would be an ed roman semi hollow... Seeing as ed is so anti-gibson and anti-socialist, some people may take offense.


This ed roman guitar would have the most awesome custom inlay ever, and will probably be insanely expensive because of that... but the woods are certainly in question at this point... thinking of an ebony fretboard and walnut top, but the back and neck are gonna be something I haven't decided. Maple would probably make it a bit TOO bright, and i'm thinking of having him do a hippie sandwich with a maple back and a wenge center, not sure of the neck. Neck will probably be bolt in (not on, in) so it'd seem wrong to do wenge neck too... then again, it's not a sin to bolt the same kind of wood to itself, so maybe i'll go ahead and do it. Same potential pickups as the aluminum guitar.


Dunno what else, i'll probably get broke twice if I get the above guitars...


EDIT: the inlay I mentioned would be like stained glass, and I would forbid the use of abalone or MOP. I think abalone and MOP look too gaudy. I want to depict something with the inlay, which I will not mention, because I want to be the first person with the inlay that I'm planning on getting.

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I'm having mine built [biggrin]


It's a replica of this.........




.........but with a few 'personal' changes........


- The back and neck will be wine red, like the Epi Goldtops

- Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90

- Compensated Wrap-around bridge


I can't wait, should be ready this summer so I'll post pics as soon as I get her

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The Rick because it's a quality 3/4 scale guitar - nobody makes good 3/4 scale guitars, you only see guitars intended for kids to learn on in 3/4 sizes.


The Gretsch because it looks so classy, and I love that distinct Gretsch sound. Also, George Harrison is one of my Heroes (my three main heroes are Harrison, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison).

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The Rick because it's a quality 3/4 scale guitar - nobody makes good 3/4 scale guitars' date=' you only see guitars intended for kids to learn on in 3/4 sizes...[/quote']


Oh, I could think of another short scale guitar (24") that I wouldn't mind owning:




I do have an old Peavey (23.5" scale) that I rescued from the garbage heap:




I believe it's a T-15 from the '70s. Someone did a Van Halen on the headstock, it was mutilated and I got it without any parts. I spray painted it and cut up an old Strat pickguard to fit, and used whatever parts I had lying around. I should cut a proper pickguard, because it really is a great playing guitar!!!

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