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Vintage Wilshire compared to new '62 reissue


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So, I noticed that Gibson's going to be/are already producing the '62 Wilshire, just like they used to do back 45 years ago in Kalamazoo. As I was looking at the photos of the reissue on Epiphone's site, I noticed a couple of things that are different compared to some originals. I say this because Gibson/Epiphone is retailing this reissue for an insane amount of bank. Don't get me wrong, I think they created a 95% accurate reissue; but for $4800 and change, you'd think they would nail down all the little details.




First, I know that the case shown here




could be accurate as I used to have a '61 Newport bass, like this:




that had a seemingly original rectangular case (although it had orange/yellow lining and not blue).


But in the little research that I've been doing today, I've seen pics of original hardshell cases that I would have liked to see the reissue come in:






The neck heel looks different on the reissue compared to the original. Compare...












It kind of looks like the neck heel on the Newport basses of the era:




I dunno; to be fair, maybe there were variants on the heel shapes, even on the originals? To be honest, I kind of prefer the heel shape on the reissue. Looks more substantial.




Finally, I noticed the originals, like other period Gibsons, have knob pointers on the pots that seem to be lacking on the reissue (granted, the shot of the reissue is at a bad angle):











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I would suppose the "reissues" are taken from the originals drawings/specs, etc. But, like anything that's

hand made, (especially back then) there would/will be some subtle differences, piece to piece. I like the

reissue, a lot, and think it would be fun to own/play! I just wish it was more "affordable," to those of us

who are not collectors, or insanely wealthy. ;>)



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I just wish it was more "affordable' date='" to those of us who are not collectors, or insanely wealthy. ;>)





Don't get me wrong - I think they're insanely priced, as well... well, there's always hoping for a nice tax refund this year... :-s

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In case anyone cares (I feel like I am the only one who does #-o ), it seems that Gibson/Epiphone photoshop'ed out the PROTOTYPE 001 inked serial on the back of the headstock:


Headstock as seen on the Epiphone website:




Here's the untouched photo:




If each of the 100 are going for ~$5k, wonder how much this prototype will go for? #-o

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Have we confirmed that it will sell for $4800? I know if you go to the Gibson site' date=' some models are actually listed with what they sell in the store for (Les Paul Junior, for one), but others are still much higher than retail.[/quote']


Generally, you can get 40% off list, with minimal haggling. With "Limited Editions" (especially of only 100 pieces),

I don't know if that will hold true, or not? As nice as it is, "I" would have trouble justifying the cost, at even

40% off....but, that's just Me!



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