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Bigsby Upgrade

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I feel a roller bridge or graph tech saddles will help a great deal.


Graph tech saddles for epiphone bridges tend to sit a bit low on the bridge. Some sheratons have slightly taller saddles to start with.

So if you go graph tech, there is a model for Gotoh bridges that is taller. But, the screw hole size is different. I bought a tap so that I could modify

those saddles to fit the epis.


I added locking tuner to my epi lps bigsby set up, but I have to say, I don't think I needed them.

I think standard grovers would be fine.

I do like the locking tuners, though, as string changes are a drag with a bigsby, and locking tuners speed up the process.


I use a bone nut on mine, but it will to be correctly notched. And even then, I use a bit of pencil lead in each slot to add slickness.

I do that anyway, bigsby or not, at each string change.


I had a customer who bought a bigsby for his sheraton, and I set it up on mine to see how it would go for him. The B70 fit really nicely

and should be a really problem free install.


I have been thinking about doing a bigsby on my sheri, too.. and if I do, I feel the new grovers I've already put on it, non locking, will

stay, but I know I'll go with graph tech saddles at first, and if they do the job as well as I think, I wont bother with a roller bridge.


I have pics of the bigsby on my sheri if you want to look at them.

And if you do decide to go for a roller bridge, don't forget to take into account the spacing and size of the bushings.

Some bridges wont match.

There is a nice roller bridge, in gold, that fits most new epi sheratons, and I even got it to fit mine with a little messing about.

Another forum member has less luck with his, Korean, Sheraton, which is probably going to be, unfortunately, typical, since

just a little bit of difference, which is common on epis, can make all the difference.



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I put one on mine and I love it. I did put on a Wilkinson roller bridge, which I recommend. There are other brands that work just as well. I really don't have any problems keeping it in tune. I have the original tuners on it, I just replaced the tuning knobs with pearloid step knobs. I have had no problems with the tuners at all. I made a few other cosmetic mods too. Here's mine:



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My Sherry has no Bigsby-but my Wildkat does, and I can tell you this about it:


I have no tuning issues and it is stock. I use graphite from a mechanical pencil on the nut and bridge saddles-not much. I string traditional and keep primed strings on. At the first sign of detuning, I pull up on the bar a little, and that often does the trick without having to use the pegs. I use the Bigsby a lot...have to fine tune maybe every 3-4 songs. I have a set of US Grovers sitting around that were going to go into a Gib L.P. Classic...but it's getting dusty in favor of the Kat, so I think I'll slap those in. Should stay even better then.


What I'm saying is...do the Bigsby first and then maybe wait and see about the roller bridge and such. None of that is bad in the least-but you might not need it. Could save you some bread. Or beans or something.

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Thanks Twang. Actually, when I got my Sherry I was looking for a natural, they only had the sunburst in the shop. It grabbed me and I haven't regretted the purchase.


About the Wilkinson fitting the P-93. I dunno. Go to stewmac.com. They have diagrams with dimensions and you can get some measurements to check against yours. My guess is yes, but I can't say for sure. You may not need one, try it without and you will know. I did need one on my LP clone (Agile AL-3100) for sure though. It definitely wouldn't hurt.

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I ve had a bigsby b70 installed on my sheraton, and the only thing i changed was replacing the original nut with a graphtec nut, she stays in tune beautifully.

I do have to admit that, since the tuners were not really up to the job anymore (15 years old, not grovers, used with heavy gauge strings) i had already changed those to grover locking tuners before I had the bigsby installed, that probably helps as well O:)

As for the bridge; i didnt swap it, the original bridge still on my beauty...


To conclude, if your current tuners work allright, i'd start with the bigsby.

If tuning is a problem after installation the cheapest way to fix it usually is changing the nut! Having said that, locking tuners are always nice, but not always neccesary. Good luck!

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