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Where to find idea on values?


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Ok so I am just trying to get an idea of what I should expect for trade value on my Epiphone Les Paul Classic...but I am having a hard time finding this guitar. Any ideas on where to look? I have looked on Ebay but they are all over the map for pricing. Also when I do search to see what they are currently selling for new the only one I can find is a 2nd that is showing for about 400.00. So...any ideas on where to look or any ideas on what I should expect??


Thanks for the help!!


(Oh yeah... by the way, it's an Epiphone Les Paul Classic Amber Quilt Top. Has open humbuckers...and was built in 2006....in case anyone was wanting to know.) Not looking to sell online here...otherwise would have listed under the nice new trader area!! Just looking for ideas on what to expect..or what I should be trying to aim for.









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Orion BlueBook, has varieties for Electric and Acoustic guitars, as well as a host of other product values.


might try: www.usedprice.com under musical instruments, too. Also, Amazon.com has a lot of different

price guides, usually published yearly, for this kind of thing. If nothing eles, try your local library,

they may have one, too. Just an idea...



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Aphawki, There are two good guides out there: The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2009, which has nice photos and is a fairly good reference (although I've found some blatant errors), and the more definitive Blue Book of Electric Guitars. Both are available at Amazon, and I've seen the Price Guide at Barnes and Noble. But I'll save you the sheckles: OVGPG says $425 to $450 for the Classic (in excellent condition) and TBBOEG says $425 for model ENCS, $525 for model ENCP and $525 for model ENSB - all at 98% mint. I'd guess yours is the ENSB (Birdseye) model.


But any guide is just that - a guide. The real arbiter of value is good 'ol supply and demand. I'm bidding on a guitar right now at more than book value because I WANT IT AND HE HAS IT! That's why axes on E-Bay sometimes go for ridiculous prices.


PS: Your LP loooks really nice. I'd try to sell it on Craigs List or locally somehow - it's always cheaper and usually faster than eBay.

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Thank you Brian for taking a look at that for me!! ( I appreciate the nice comments as well!! ) I really love the guitar...but I am always doing that same thing...they have and I want...and that always gets me in trouble!!! But then again I think it does that for everyone!

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