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Headstock makeover


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It seems to me that this kind of mindset is what drives the market for counterfeits

(OK, besides the desire to get something for way less than it's worth). There are

players that value appearance over substance, where something as insignificant

as a headstock shape becomes the deciding factor, or after modifying the headstock,

the guitar somehow becomes acceptable. Don't get me wrong; I think Epi headstocks

are ugly, too - just not a dealbreaker.

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I am proud to own/play an Epiphone. (Emperor II Joe Pass)

It's all marketing and many times means nothing in build & playability.


I even enjoy the looks and compliments of the sound of my CV Squier Strat.

(and that's with orig. electrics )


Play what you love-

Love what you play.

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Well fellas, I gotta tell you, I had the same thing done to 2 Epi LPs (including Gibson decals) a number of years back while playing in a Zep tribute band. Though I owned a Gibson honeyburst at the time, I wasn't about to take it on the road and/or have it stolen. I figured if we were dressing up to resemble someone else, then the illusion fairly applied to the guitar as well.


Both were later sold AS EPIPHONES (with an explaination for the "cosmetic surgery"). The buyers didn't seem to care since I was upfront with them in the first place.


My current Epiphones all have the maxi pad headstock, and while I find it as ugly as sin, I have no need, reason or desire to modify them as the guitars suit my needs just fine as is.

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I like it! I do think the epi headstock on the g400 and LP look kinda ridiculous sometimes. I like my dot and sheri headstocks though.


As lame as you all think the elitist headstocks look, I much prefer that to the regular epi headstock. They still could have done a LOT better though...


I just wish epiphone would come up with something totally different besides a "clipped wing" version of gibson's headstocks.


On the topic of headstocks, another lame one IMO is Ibanez's headstocks. yuk.

Hagstrom Viking II's have pretty rad ones though.

I think we can all agree that gibson is the winner though!

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