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I want to know about my Guitar


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I was purchased Epiphone SG G310 Pitchblack From my Authorize Dealer which is Serial 0806230017 that i've tried to search about it and i didn't get any accept is was sticker. It was stamp on the head that limited Edition Custom shop logo on the back of the headstock plz help me to find out about it. =P~

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Are you sure its a 310? is the neck bolted on (4 screws into a metal plate) or set(glued) in?

the 310 is pretty much the beginners version, and a "Limited Edition Custom Shop" stamp

sound very odd, as does the sereal#.

if you can post a few photos of the neck/body joint, and the back of the headstock

it would be very helpful.

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the things that I'm sure that it's G310 is it bolt-on neck with fullpickguard on the body but all hardware were black and the serial is at Neckplate and the sticker told that it made in indonesia and the stamp on the back of the headstock that it's limited edition custom shop i've found some picture of it on EU and Japan second hand market , and sticker on the back of the neck told that by "Epi SG G310 P/B" But didn't know about how come of this stuff from the factory


This is URL of a guitars picture



more info.


I've found on press zone on the epiphone official website that it is in a 2009 Independent Dealer Network Exclusive Model So how different from the other simple product line model?

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