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The BEST Epi deal you've had and one Epi you regret selling the most???


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Well the best deal regarding an Epiphone I've had is my Elitist Broadway. It's MSRP was 3k and the lowest going price online was 2k at Sweetwater and Musicians Friend. The EBay average was about 1750 for a used one with Bstock stamped used going for 1550-1600 or more. I paid 1500 for mine and it was brand new A Stock ordered from a distributor to my local "mom and pop". I opened the box myself! Well, I've opened the box on most of my guitars! I don't have any regrets on guitars that I have sold but I guess the closest would be letting my Elitist Dot go. I had purchased my dream guitar (an Official Gibson ES335) in the same finish as my Elitist which made it expendable. I had six other Elitists so I really didn't need to keep it. It probably would have seen very little playing time.












Elitist Dot with Gibson Dot



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My best deal was my first electric and my first Epi.


A local music store was going out of business (after 3 merger/acquisitions in about 5 years :D ), and I picked up a two year old, but new-old-stock, G-400 with an Epi HSC for $275. :D/


They had just found out the day before, when the Regional Manager showed up with a U-Haul :-s , that they were closing in two weeks. One of the sales people was going to buy it and immediately put it in the back, but changed his mind the next morning and put it back out. There apparently was another guy who had been before me and had left to go to the bank and get the money to buy it, but...


I had been looking at some cheap Fenders, but as soon as I picked up the G-400 I knew it was mine. It was set up really well (out of the box) and played soooo much better than anything else within $100+



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Guest icantbuyafender

best epi deal would have to be the LP standard classic quilt top in limited run trans ebony for a hair under $300 oh so many moons ago. she's my avatar and she's also 8 yrs old in a few weeks....

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