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How many guitars do you own?


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How many guitars do you own?


0 - A Guitar Hero controller don't count

1 - yeah, but it's the Chosen one

2 - All good things come in pairs

3 - Never a crowd if it's guitars

4 - Forewarned is fourarmed

5-7 - 7 for the week, but may take weekend off

8-10 - Pretty hopeless

11-20 - Beyond saving

21+ - Insane, but happy



Mods. Why can't I vote?

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Elitist LP std + top

56 RI LP ebony


PRS McCarty

Am Deluxe Ash Tele

MIM 60th Anniv. Strat

71 D35 martin

D16 Golden Era Martin

000-16 RGTC Martin

2 Mandolins but they dont count in a guitar forum

And yes my wife will confirm I am hopeless, but I think she figures as long as I'm playing I'm not pestering for food and sex.

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At present I have my Epiphone SG G-310, my Squier California Series Stratocaster, and a crappy little acoustic that I hardly play, because it's a real dog. I fully intend to have many, many more, but for now I'm happy playing and modifying what I've got.

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Not to hijack, but to add to this topic-could any of you multi guitar owners-the real sickos-not just the guys with 2 or so (and no disrespect to you guys, I'm sure many of you will become as hopeless as the forum member next to you just as soon as you can), but for those guys with a half dozen or more....


Could you ever, EVER-cull the herd down to just one? ONE?




Sometimes I think I could just take the Wildkat and leave the rest...but then I get all nervous..palpatations, sweats...Great Googlimoogli! I don't like to think about it! So I guess I could only do it under extreme duress.


How about any of the rest of you? Could you narrow it down to one if the house was going up in flames?

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Eight is great, but nine would be fine. Most recent Acquisitions to least:


05 Epi Sheraton 2 (project ongoing)

05 MIM Tele body based partscaster

03 PRS McCarty

05 PRS Custom 22

05 tele-style body based partscaster

05 squier 51 based partscaster

02 warmoth jazzmaster body based partscaster

98 alvarez acoustic

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My old man once remarked I had a lot of guitars. I said: "You go golfing with one club?"


I gotta remember that one LOL!! 7 electrics and 3 acoustic/elec's. And if the house is going up in flames, there'd be one in each hand and probably a third strapped over a shoulder!!

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10 ... eight electrics, one acoustic and one bass.


Narrowing it down to one would be a real tuffy! Each of my guitars has (to me anyway) a pretty unique sound and was chosen for a it. The fact is, there are STILL a couple out there that I think I need to get a particular tone ... and many that I avoid for the same reason. For example. even though I am gassing big time for a Sheriton in natural, I haven't yet because it just seems too close to the Lucille IMHO. The Casino, on the other hand, is a different tone ... an is one that is missing from my collection.


It's not like I want to own a Les Paul or any other model in every color ... although I am drawn by the visual as much as the next guy. I just go by the sound and the feel and all the other mystical things about guitars that grab us poor saps!



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I plead Insanity your Honor:


Four Gibsons (R6, R9, ES 335, ES 137)


One PRS Custom 22 10 top


Six Fenders (Strat Plus, American Strat Deluxe, Eric Johnson Sig, CS 56 Heavy reliced Strat, 1952 Hot Rod Tele, American Tele Deluxe)


Ten Epiphones (Elitist Tak Matsumoto Les Paul, Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus, ELitist Sheraton, Elitist Casino, Elitist Broadway, Elitist Byrdland, Emperor Regent, Masterbilt DR 500ra, Masterbilt Aj 500r and Masterbilt Ukulele).


Three Martins ( 000-28, D-35, Little Martin LX1E)


Two Eastmans (910ce, 810 ce)


One Crest late 30's Archtop.

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2 acoustics (nylon string & 12 string)

1 12 string electric

3 basses

5 solid bodies

6 semi-hollow bodies

7 hollow bodies

1 sitar

1 project guitar, currently disassembled


....and I'm a keyboard player!


(They're coming to take me away, ha ha ...)

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*LOL* Not nearly so many! A Rhodes, a Hammond, 3 keyboard synths and a few rack-mount modules.


With keyboards, one instrument can contain over a thousand different sounds (more with sound cards), so you don't need nearly as many pieces of gear to get a whole panorama of tones, colors and effects.


With guitars, there are all the variables of construction, pickups, finishes, etc. --- plus they're fun to have around!

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In order of receival:


2000 Squier Strat

Fullerton FWG-20CE

2001 Epiphone Casino

2007 Fender Strat

1965 Gibson LG-0

2008 Martin DX1RGT

Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos C3


Plus, a Gibson Melody Maker that I'm still making payments on...


And an Epiphone MM-30E mandolin.

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