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How many guitars do you own?


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thanks for the reply svet ive been looking at the martins very closley and i like what i see im closer now to buying one of them instead of a masterbuilt $1850.00 vs $1059.00 bit of a difference but better quality...thanks again svet.


Hey Ace, anytime! I hope you get the chance to try them both out before you decide! Good Luck and let us know what you decide! Which Martin are you looking at anyway? I had a tour of the factory the other week and I must say I'm proud to own several of the Martins as they have some really good people working there!

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At the moment including my stepsons, 8, otherwise its 6. Sold off two this morning , but then replaced right away....HNGD for me, sold my damaged neck Studio and my DC LP Special and replaced them with a Danelectro '63 and a Reverend Roundhouse 290.... I think I'm done for a long time now..

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I played a Martin OOO-28EC' date=' at Guitar Center in OKC, recently! Man...what a TONE, clarity and natural Sustain!

I was "blown away!" But, at just over 3 Grand, I'll have to wait! ;>(




Hi CB, I have not had a chance to play the EC version. It's probably best that I don't! LOL

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svet the model i was looking at was a swomgt 000-14 very nice guitar small bodied concert size,onther iv been looking at is a hand made one same concert type only much cheaper..dont know if ill get to play them no-one in the area has these and they wont get them in...only choice is melbourne or sydney..there both about 500 to 600 km away](*,)

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I have enough for a full week, 7. From oldest owned to newest, they are,


1) 1980 Japanese Daion Heritage 78 acoustic, I`ve had this since February 1983, and it means the world to me.


2) 1982 Japanese Aria Pro II TA-60 semi, which is a great guitar, but is currently on semi-permanent loan to my brother in law.


3) 1983 Japanese Matsumoku Casino in Blonde, what a nice guitar, I could stare at it all day long.


4) 2007 MIM Fender Classic player Strat in Sonic Blue. We`ve all got to have a good Strat.


5) "Shrek" my home built metallic Green Telecaster, I used all Fender U.S. parts for this, and it`s bloody brilliant!!


6) John Lennon 65 reissue Casino. I just had to!, but it sure helps, that it`s a great guitar.


7) 1962 Levin"Goliath" acoustic. Forget your Martin`s, Gibson`s et al, this is acoustic heaven! There is something about this guitar that makes it perfect. Guitarist Magazine said that the Levin Goliath was the best kept secret in the guitar world, well they were right there!


So 7 it is, but plenty of others have passed this way over the years, one or two I wouldn`t mind still having (oh that 77 Ibanez Artist AR300, the 2002 Santa Cruz H, and my old Tokai Tele).


The Lennon 65.



The Matsumoku 1983 Casino.



The 82 Aria Pro II TA-60.



"Shrek", the Daion 78, The Lennon 65, and the Sonic Blue Strat, I have no pics of my precious Levin yet.



"Shrek" and the Blue Strat.


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In no particular order:


2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, candy-cola, rosewood neck


2007 Epiphone G-400, ebony, EE serial number


2002 Yamaha DW-15 acoustic


2008 Hagstrom Viking (yep, if Mr Nelson and MarxBros are still lurking, that's my

"crappy imported Chinese 335 knock-off" and I LOVE it, so


you! )


1992 Yamaha Pacifica, maple neck - my first electric guitar, which I still have but rarely play (may end up on the wall)


2000 Godin Radiator - my slide machine, the chambered body helps a lot...


+ the guitar I just sent for a set-up and general maintenance because I'm giving it away....

my 1997 Jetglo Rickenbacker 360. It's going to be a graduation gift for my kid brother this May,

because he's getting married soon and his wife-to-be doesn't look like the "buy all the guitars you want, honey" type...


Last but not least...the Gibson SG '61 reissue that I'm going to buy SOON!

(which will doubtless become my main guitar)...


+ a cast of thousands (well maybe 15) which I owned but parted company with sometime between 1990 and 2007(!)

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Here's my herd (or harem [biggrin] )


L to R:

Front Row

“Frankie”, a Chinese, Mexican& Japanese frankenstrat with EMG pups

“Dottie”, a Cort Source 335 clone

“Cherie”, a Epi CSB LP Std

Vinnie”, a Epi Elitist VS Les Paul Studio (tweaked to look like a Slash LP)

“Annie”, a Squier Standard Tele with upgraded pups

“Junie”, a Epi SG Jr P-90

“Penny”, a Peavey Firenza USA (PRS variant set up in open "E" tuning for slide)

Back Row

“Emmie”, a Tokai EXD-50 Explorer

“Rosie”, a mid 80's Tokai '62 reissue Fiesta red Strat




“Tranny”, a Squier Standard Fat Strat (transparent Mahogany & 2 hums)

“Cali”, a Hamer Californian

“Daisy”, a Daisy Rock Semi hollow 12 String (Don’t laugh it’s a great playing guitar)

“Toni”, a Squier Affinity 2 tone strat with a Mighty Mite Fender licensed neck




L to R

Samick Acoustic (Number one son's guitar)

JB Player Dreadnought Flame top (Amino's old reliable)

Takamine EG-540 SC (Amino's best acoustic)

Alvarez Mahogany top (Number two son's acoustic)




Cort C4P bass


So I guess this puts me into the "Beyond Saving" category [biggrin]

I will be picking up a Gibson SG Special Faded this week.

Edit: I went ahead and picked up the Gibby today. I was going to wait until next week but after looking at everyone's guitars I just couldn't stand it! So here she is.



2008 Gibson SG Special Faded Cherry

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2 , A 2009 Epiphone G-400 Vintage faded in Cherry red, and a 2006 60th Anniversary Commemorative Fender Strat with the Cubic Zirconia in the Headstock. For amps, I have a Fender Frontman 65R and a Vot AD15VT and I'm also using a Zoom John 5 Effects Processor which blows away any of the lower range Digitech RP pedals. I am however looking to see if I can do a swap with the Strat for a Gibson SG Standard. I'm a huge AC/DC fan and I'm more at home with SG's than I am with Strats.

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Well, I'm pretty hopeless.

And it is getting worse.

At the moment, I have 9 guitars:




Top: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Midnight, Gibson Les Paul Studio w/EMGs (GOTW 2007), Gibson Les Paul Standard, Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959, Gibson Les Paul Studio Swamp Ash, Line 6 Variax 700 w/Tremolo

Bottom: Epiphone G-400 Gothic, Epiphone EJ-200CE, Portuguese Guitar Lisboa


And I need more Les Pauls... why? Because I do.

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