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How many guitars do you own?


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Being a bass player I always loved & said one day I was going to get my fav. guitars

so to date I have the following lefty's


74 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass

09 Fender Jazz

09 Hofner Icon Beatles Bass


08 Epi Les Paul Std +top

09 Epi G400

10 Epi Dot

09 Gretsch 6122 Country Gent

09 Fender Hwy1 Strat

09 Squire Strat (this started my addiction for 6 string guitars!)

08 Cort Acoustic/electric


P.S. If anyone from Epiphone is reading this I sure would like to see a couple of Lefty Basses!! [rolleyes]

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5 for me! The top pic is (l-r) Turser Beatle bass (awesome, awesome, awesome...plays and sounds wayyy better than Höfner's Chinese tribute), my Arbor ES335 copy with a Gibson 57 in the neck and DiMarzio PAF in the bridge, and my Casino.


On the far left of the bottom pic is my main acoustic, a Cort NTL50. The Strat on the far right is long gone.


The last guitar I have is a Guild acoustic, of which there are no pics.


Next guitar: Either a Gibby LP Jr, Fender Baja Tele, or Fender 72 Tele Deluxe reissue.

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