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Les Paul Ultra Electronics CTS Pots Upgrade


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Hey eveyone, this is my first post here...


I have a Les Paul Ultra (think its manufactured in Japan because there is no letter in the serial number).


I just ordered Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros (with gold covers), and while looking at the pots and wiring, I am looking to upgrade to CST Pots (anyone have a preference which site has the best - I know some are modded CTS Pots with better shafts and things).


My questions are:


1) Will I need to drill out my current holes? I measures the threads on the existing pots and they are pretty close to 3/8 of an inch I think, but I am guessing they are metric, but definitely not 6mm as I saw indicated on rs guitarworks.


2) will I need the long or short shaft model? The Ultra has a raised top (its not flat, Its raised near the center and flattens near the edges).


3) Will I need to drill holes for the 3 way switch and/or the ourput jack?



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