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(2) New MIJ Epi's!!!!!


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Hey dudes. Sold my 1 guitar, 06' Gibson Les Paul Standard, and bought a brand new Epiphone Elitist 57' Goldtop Les Paul, and a MIJ "Lacquer Series" Epiphone Les Paul Junior.


I am an MIJ Epiphone Believer now, and anything less than Gibson Custom Shop doesn't impress me now, and for the money that Custom Shops cost, I'm TOTALLY over it!!!!!!!


I will NEVER sell either one of these two guitars!!!!! The Elitist is totally stock for now, will eventually put some PIO caps in it. The Jr., however, has had an RS wiring kit done with Jensen PIO caps, a Jason Lollar P90 pickup, and all the cavities have been copper tape shielded. Nitro finish is AWESOME, and does not get sticky at all!!!!


The Elitist is the most perfect guitar I've had in my hands, not just for the money. The fit and finish, the weight (9.3lbs unchambered, not weight-relieved), the neck is to die for, beautiful inlays, awesome finish. Neck does not get sticky at all!!!!!


The Junior while not as complete a guitar as the Goldtop is certainly more rare, and is just as special to me. Its the best sounding Junior I've played so far with the upgrades it has in it. Absolutely RIPS!!!! Most responsive guitar I've ever played with this RS/Jensen/Lollar upgrade.


Both guitars are world-class in my opinion, SOLID real mahogany bodies (2 piece on both), 1 peice quartar-sawn necks with correct headstock angles and bone nuts on both, Long neck tennons (the Junior also has the vintage correct neck pocket and tennon unlike the newer Gibsons), and again, I will NEVER get rid of either of these!


Here's some crappy pics!! Enjoy, kind of..........












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Thanks guys!!! I don't regret selling the Gibby at all! I now have an LP in which the neck profile and fret gauge feel PERFECT for me, and this one resonates like an acoustic lol!!! This guitar is my number 1 axe, as it is the more versatile of the two.


The Junior is really a sleeper though. WAY beyond just a sleeper actually. Best Junior I've played, only 6.7lbs SOLID. Rings like a bell with the tone knob up all the way, fattens up like a humbucker with the tone rolled off. NO guitar I've ever played goes from RAGE to clean with the guitars volume knob as effectively as this one does. I'm liking this guitar as much as the Goldtop. The thing just cuts like crazy!!!


This whole journey took my about 2 1/2 weeks.

I walked into a local music shop that just re-acquiered their Epi/Gibson dealer certification after a year of not carrying either. I didn't know this, and I certainly didn't expect to see a wall o' Gibson's and Epi's. Epiphones and Gibson USA/Custom are quite commonplace to me from seeing them so often over the years. I saw the tomb-stone headstock from a mile away, and went right to it. Brand new Elitist Goldtop!!!!! WTF!!!! These are discontinued!!!! I didn't fight it. I picked her up, strummed some chords and did a couple solo runs unplugged, and just gave my salesman a dazed look of "oh noooo". I had to have it!!!! This guitar was just more "me". The neck profile, the fretboard and fret feel, the inlays, the perfect build and finish. The bridge. No sticky neck. And the sound will get even better with PIO caps.


So while I was trying to sell my Gibby over the next two weeks, I started looking for a second "backup" guitar on the few forums I go on. So, I log on to my new account at TGP, and I look in the for sale section. I had all but made up my mind on a new Squier Classic Vibes 50's Strat, when BAM, the Junior that I ended up buying shows up!!! The guy puts in all the mentioned sick upgrades on his own. And you guys know of the MIJ Lacquer Series specs, its got it all. So, I start communicating with the guy and let him know that I want the guitar and I was getting the cash from my Gibby in a few days. Turns out, the dude also lives in Massachusetts!!! No shipping needed, met him half way, and got an excellent deal on one of my dream guitars in mint condition. Unbelievable.


AND update........

I was about to order a new Tech 21 Trademark 30 combo this week, went on Craigslist, and a guy 10 minutes away put one up. Mint condition with the optional amp gig-bag. You guys gotta try a Tech 21. Best amp I've ever played for home-use!!! Seriously!!!! And I got it for a sick price too!!! February has been good to me!!!!

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