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Capo for a Casino


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I too am curious' date=' after 30 odd years, why go for a capo now?


I've never used one so I'm curious about the application I might be missing out on.




I just figured it was time to put the snobbery aside and try one since I'm stepping away from mostly classical and playing more chords. Also my teenage daughter sings and keeps talking of picking up the guitar and I figure the capo might come in handy in transposing tunes to chords that match her key and can be fingered easily.


And yes I'll likely getting lazy in my old age!!

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For me, it's a key issue. Rather than re-finger the chords, it's easier to move the capo to where I want it.


Especially helpful if I'm sick and my voice isn't in its normal condition.


Some people seem a bit snobby about it, but if I'm covering a Barenaked Ladies song that they recorded and perform with a capo, am I really doing something wrong?

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