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Fake Epi LP's on ebay- is this guy a fake wholesaler?


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This Les Paul has two of the features which have been noted here as being suggestive of a fake: the upper two knobs aren't parallel with the neck, and the pickguard screw is quite close to the edge.


These issues are made all the more obvious by the seller showing pics of the guitar for sale plus Epiphone website pics which clearly show the difference!


The seller doesn't show clear headstock pics in any of his sales, one of the black beauties which does show the headstock from a distance appears to show a very slanted logo.


This guy has sold 20-odd Epis this month. I've looked at some of his completed listings and they are all the same, different Epi LP models but all with the same discrepancies.


What do you gentlemen (& ladies) think?




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Sure are some pretty L.P.s....If I was even considering buying from him, I would Email him and ask the name of his company. I would then Email Epiphone or Gibson customer service and ask them if he is a legit dealer. (he advertises

his guitars as new)


I went to his "sellers other items" page and took a look at some of his stuff. In particular, the white Paul caught my eye. I used a snap shot program to blow up the back of the headstock. The guitar is advertised as new. The

serial # is EE010416?36. The ? may have been a 2. In any case, that would make it a 2001 from the QuingDao



At least you are checking ahead of time. I feel bad every time someone rights in and askes after the fact....Did I buy?

The only legit Epi "wholesaler" I am aware of is Gibson. Remember...If it is too good to be true.....


Best of luck,


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