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Buzz Feiten Tuning System


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Has onyone modified an Epi with this system? Can it only be done by an authorized repair shop?




I bought my son a Washburn X33 for his birthday last year and it came set up this way (shelf nut), even though I had no idea what the Feiten system was at the time. It's actually a really nice strat copy, but the bridge doesn't look any different than any other adjustable whammy saddle.






I have since read all about the BF system in Dan Erlewine's books, and I was really impressed with how much better the intonation is on that $419 Washburn than any other guitar I own. In any case, I can't see modifying a vintage guitar with it, but I'm seriosly considering putting it on the MIJ Genesis Standard I'm restoring, and any other home-brew/restoration project I have in the works.


The web site says the $89 Korg DT-7 has a Feiten Tuning mode. So...if I build a shelf nut and buy the tuner is that all I need?


Any thoughts / experience / knowledge would be appreciated.



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I don't know any more about the B.F. system than you. I am bumping this post as you have only had 18 views

and are already at the bottom of page two.


Also, I would be interested if any of the members have opinions.

I have read the web link you provided. One of the points of the system is the compensated shelf net.


I would also be interested if and how this may be different from the Earvana system. I know some of the members

have tried them (on their Epiphones) with varying degrees of success. The topic has not come up for awhile.

Here is the link to Earvana:



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I'm reluctant to buy anything having to do with strings that has the name "Buzz" attached to it. Worst case of naming since Dataview came out with a laptop computer named the "Spark" or when Canon named a camera the "Snappy". And I think some hard drive company named its drives the "Warp" drives.

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Poor bastard, that's his name. Like Buzz Aldrin the astronaut. In any case the system is fairly highly regarded and it really seems to work amazingly well on this Washburn strat.. But hey, if I only play the blues it won't matter, those licks are supposed to be out of tune right?

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I've got three guitars with the Buzz & it makes a great deal of difference. I was skeptical at first but am a total believer. Your guitar will sound more in tune than it ever has before.


You'll also hear how well any chord sounds in any position relative to itself. For instance, an open E and an E played farther up the neck will sound dead-on to each other.


When my finances allow for it I'll have it done to all of my 'keepers'. Worth every dime.

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The 'recommended' retail price is $139 but I get mine for a little less on a 'barter' deal with the licensed guy around here.


The nut hangs over the fretboard to 'shorten' the scale length by about 1/16th of an inch. Also, the strings are intonated a little 'off', some being 2 or 3 cents sharp or flat (that's the 'big secret' I guess).


It's rather pricey but it's a one-time deal that will solve your tuning issues.


My brother has perfect pitch and the Buzz system is the only thing that works for him. Otherwise he's ready to pull his hair out.

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I had a recent discussion about "compensated nuts" (yeah, on a GUITAR),

was told that the mfr of Taylor gits had been using it to correct the inherent

problems with guitar tuning.

Your post reminded me of an article by Jack Endino called "guitar tuning

nightmares explained" (google it) in which he briefly mentions an "un-named"



Excerpt: A currently hyped, copyrighted/patented new "tuning system" (which will remain nameless here) has as one of its components the slight adjustment of the position of the nut to move it a bit closer to the first fret. It's a fudge, but it can compensate somewhat for the problem.


Other than that, I've never heard of the system you mention, but I CAN understand

"compensating" for the problems... Will look more for info.

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As I recall, the dude who wrote the article offered no other 'solution' to the inherent problems of tuning.


It always pisses me off when somebody rags on somebody else's solution without offering one of his own.


As far as the Buzz goes, it's not against the law NOT to have it. It only matters if you want your guitar to sound 'in tune' all the way up the neck. Certain players, like myself, like it that way.

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