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pickguard tr cover engraving..


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I just ordered a trc from a company on eBay that engraves text onto Gibson blank trc's, I don't think they do pickguards though. I imagine they're using somethink like a modified dog tag engraving machine... I can get you their info if you want.


FYI, the cover I ordered is the one for my fake... it says "Les Paul COUNTERFEIT" in the style of a Les Paul Custom's normal trc, LOL.


Only cost me $29.95 plus 6 bucks for shipping... The real Gibson LP Custom one would have been $15.00. Somehow, I feel good about paying twice as much for the one that marks it as a fake...

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I have had pickguard and rear covers engraved , control cover has printed design along with tr cover and the pickgaurd bracket engraved. At work at mo will post pics later, problem is it can be a bit much all on at same time so i swap em about a bit.

the tr cover and rear cover printing is similar to the Greasy Grove stuff but bit classier Betty Page pin up designs ( also have a custom leather strap with same design, the pick guard engraved with a flourish twirly kinda design and echoed on pickguard bracket with Nikita name (ok ok i named her Nikita..i thought we all gave em names...) Its subtle and shows up with the light falling on it.


http://www.greasygroove.com is a US based place, they will do anything you want really on spec, i used a UK based firm as in UK myself, will dig out url if needed.

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