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Opinion Plz : Epiphone G400 upgrade


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I bought this black g400 two weeks ago and I must say I'm a really happy person. After the honeymoon period I think I want to upgrade my g400, especially the bridge pickup. It's too weak and ear piercing for my taste. On the otherside the neck pickups is just fine.


I mainly play ambient music, with lot of delay, reverb and chorus, you know, simple arpeggio with delay, chorus and lots and lots of reverb. And I rarely play distorsion, maybe just a bit of overdrive here and there.


Any sugesstion for bridge pickup replacement?


Thx all :-

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a gibson '57 classic picup would probs work nice, ive heared (youtube) that it sounds nice clean, and even better with a little bit of overdrive


look on the internet, see if you find anything you like the sound of, then look for reveiws on google =P


sound clips please when youve got them in

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I have to say. you don't have to be that spendy.

what you want is a vintage output humbuck of good quality and there's a few around worth looking at.


I'm not knocking the other choices. those are way good pups.

GFS gets good reviews.. I used to sell Kent Armstrongs and they've got a killer vintage outuput 12 pole pup.. sometimes you can find 'em on ebay pretty low, too.


I'm going to try one of AllParts Razor pickups.. but I haven't heard anything but the bass pickups.

Those get great reviews so I tend to think they're worth finding out about.. for me, anyway.



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I'm afraid I cannot find any GFS pups here in. All I can find is DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Gibson, and EMG (and no, I won't buy EMG's...).

My first choice is SD Hotrodded Humbucker Set, everybody use it. I think it's very versatile, and i've watch some demos on SD's site and youtube. Quite good for me.

Another choice is seymour duncan phat chat for that single coil sound. But yeah, i hate the hum.


Another question, can I split the SD hotrodded set?

I think it'll be more versatile if I can split the neck and brigde pickups. Each with push-pull knob.


thx all for your responses :D

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It has really good reviews. At Musicians Friend' date=' there was a post about the covered SD Hot Rodded Aniversary set. Has anyone heard of this set, because I can not find it online. [-o< [/quote']


It's the same as the HotRod set, except for the "gold" polepieces.

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