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Epiphone SG 61 reissue neck radius


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Gibson SG 61 reissue is mentioned to have 12 inch radius ( I assume it is roundness of fretboard ).


But I could not find if Not in Japan made epi version has same radius?


Reason I ask is that my Epi SG 61 reissue fretboard feels quite flat and I don't like it. So far every cheap noname stratocaster copies have felt better. Is it just my hand/ fingers or is Epi neck more flat than Gibson ?


Thanks for your time.

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Neck radius varies between models and thickness.

Fretboard radius is' date=' I believe, 12" on all Gibsons and Epiphones.


I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.[/quote']

Thanks for clarification. Well anyway I read from one dealer's webpage that Epiphone Prophecy model

has 14" radius.


Ultimately my question is that is there any Epiphone guitar with a neck profile which is similar to Stratocaster American standard ?


Or possible good alternatives. Otherwise I have to rule out Epiphone for my next guitar buy.


Edit: R to T...

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