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Is this Joe Pass a fake\copy?


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Hi Folks,


I have an opportunity to buy a Joe Pass Serial - UO0507819, I have been fortunate enough to take the guitar home and after playing with it and searching the internet i have a feeling it is not an original but a copy. The person i am looking at buying it from reckons it came from Singapore but the pictures i have seen of the Joe Pass don't look the same as the guitar i have, the differences are glaring but i'm not sure how to tell if it is the genuine article.


Photos can be found here:




Any help appreciated




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Definitely a counterfeit. Here are the telltale signs:


* No Joe Pass Emperors are made in USA

* The "U" serial number normally indicates the Korean Unsung factory; it would never be used on a US-made Epiphone

* Vine of life headstock inlay is wrong, and isn't MOP

* Selector switch should be on upper bout, not cutaway horn

* Fingerboard inlays should be plain blocks, not inset triangles

* Fingerboard end should be bracket-shaped, not flat

* Body shape isn't quite right

* Bridge should be on floating wooden saddle, not mounted into the top of the body

* Sides and back should be flamed maple, not plain

* Pickguard shape is wrong and made of cheesy plastic; should have multi-ply binding.

* Knobs are not correct, and position of controls isn't correct.


Here's a pic of my real one (Samick 2001) to compare:


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