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What is the value of a 2001 LP Special?


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I don't know if you guys can help but I have a 201 Gibby LP Special that my wife purchased from musicians friend. She paid around $900.00 for it. It has a set neck and is in mint condition. When I tried to price it in a guitar price guide I could not find the LP Special for that year. Can anyone help with some info on the guitar? I have heard some people say around $350.00. Would a Gibby drop in value that much? I know that since then the LP studios have become available but the LP Special is now the Special II. I even think that they look and feel different but maybe I am just biased because I love my first Gibby. ](*,)

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I don't see the new Specials in the '09 Blue Book. In the '09 Vintage Price Guide they are going for $800 up to 1998. But nothing on the more recent years. On eBay, they seem to be priced at between $350 to $750, depending on conditon, OHSC, case candy, etc.


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