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Those are some nice guitars! It's good to know there is another arch top lover out there. I have owned a 1947 L-4 since 1977 and I love that old box. I also have a Tacoma AJF22CE and have owned a host of other's.

How does the Guild stack up to the L-4 and the Epi's? What is that blond standing next to the red L-4? Looks sweet.

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Ahh, thanks Jax. How 'bout some pics?

The blond next to the L4 (right side) is a Campellone Special. As resonant as a double bass.

The Guild stacks up very well. A little less versitile with only 1 pup, but she has that vibe and nails that "tone" in spades. One of my favorites fursur! The Epi's, well I love them. The Emperors are very accoustic in tone with a very deep bass. The Elitist Broadway I just got. Similar the the Gibby. Same with the Elitist Byrdland, but here - short scale and very comfortable. :-k

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