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You know, I've seen a few suspect looking Masterbilts recently, like you described. They have backs and sides that are very dark and very plain. They show very little woodgrain, and what grain you can see is one dimensional. The necks seem plain, too, almost like plain maple instead of mahogany. They sound fine, though! It's just that they don't LOOK like the Masterbilts I've become accustomed to, which have been made with very nice looking wood.


I'm glad you finally got one that looks AND plays to your liking. ENJOY!


Red 333

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Hey guys' date=' I finally picked up my Masterbuilt AJ-500RE from the dealer today. As some of you know, the first one Epiphone sent had some finish issues, but this one is pristine!! I'll post some pics later...[/quote']

Congratulations Big Country!


I got Epi Hummingbird (2007) yesterday. Here is the picture:



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