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Vintage Epiphone Bass (Made in Japan)


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I would be eternally grateful if someone could identify this bass for me. On ebay it was identified as an ET-280, but the headstock is different and it lacks the pearloid "E" on the body.


If anyone knows where I can find pickups that will fit this model, let me know.




RB (Ottawa, Canada)

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nice find, i just picked up a '70 et that needs all new electrics. the only pups i can fin that will fit with no wood cutting or mods are for an early p bass/ tele bass.

im most likely going to use seymour duncan bassline rickenbacker replacements, i'll have to mod the pups but not the guitar.

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I have the same bass. Mine still has the original pickups and electronics although you have to whack it to get the neck pickup to belt out that warm tone. I read somewhere that it is a et-280, but sold under a different name, however that is as far as I got. I kind of like mine, I bought it in the 80's, but I don't think it is very valuable.

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