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which replacement tuners Les Paul Std Plus?


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I just won an Epi LP Std Plus, it's not even here yet, and I already have a couple plans for it... the first being changing out the chrome tuners for ivoroid. Is/are there brands that are simply drop-ins? I know all manuf/headstocks are different.


Can anybody recommend drop-in replacements, or give the the measurements I need to order replacements?



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I'm assuming you have a recent model LP. The older series (years older) used a Klusen style tuner, while the present models use Grover style. Grovers use a single screw to anchor the tuner, where as the Klusen use two. I say Grover style because if you buy replacement Grovers off of the shelf, they will not just drop in. They will need the holes elongated to allow the screw to thread into the original hole.


Nothing a sanding wheel on a dremel can't fix though, just go easy on your guitar's finish...


If it is an older style (two mounting screws), the either get the Klusen replacements, or the Grovers listed above. They will both drop right in...

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