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Not So sure about this one.........

Billy Dean

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Now I'm not as well versed in details as some of you guys on here.


Thats why im throwing this up to get everybodys opinions.


Supposed Epi Dot DLX on ebay



Now this does not look like any Dot that I have ever seen.


To me it looks more along the lines of an ibanez (almost like the Artcore AS93).


But like I said I dont know the cosmetic range of these guitars as well as some.


So what do you guys think?

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I spent about an hour playing a Dot Deluxe the day I bought my Sheraton.

Whats pictured on Ebay is definitely NOT a DD.

The DD is very similar to a standard dot, with the exception of

faux gold hardware, and a pretty flame maple veneer on the top.

Go to Sweetwater, or Guitar Centers website, they'll have 1 there for sure.

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Body shape (horns, etc.) looks more like '70's era Hohner, or Yamaha. So, if "Epi's" were made in

the same factory as those, back then...maybe? But, I doubt it. No "Epiphone" in the

headstock (decal or inlay) which could have been refinished, I suppose, but...couple that with the

unusual body shape, etc. would make me steer clear, of this one.



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Did they ever make Epi Hollow/semi bodys with the Gibson type headstock? I have an LP with that kind of headstock and have seen other solid bodys ( SG' date=' Jr, Flying V etc...) but no hollow/semis.


Matt[/quote']I'm not sure if there were any Japanese Epiphone nitro-finished archtops, but I know there were Orville ES-335s and similar.

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That's not an Epiphone product' date=' and only superfically resembles a Dot when you get right down to it. Someone just put a label from an actual Epiphone shipping box in the f-hole.


Red 333[/quote']


That doesn't look like the shipping label, that looks like a Guitar Center label.


Looks exactly like the one I pulled off my G-400...

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This is not a Dot. There are too many things wrong with it -


1) Horns are too thin

2) F-holes are too big

3) Headstock shape is wrong--too gibsony

4) No inlay on headstock. (The text implies that maybe this is so because it is a second. That might be an argument if the guitar was built, then inspected, and THEN the headstock inlay applied--but its not.)

5) The TRC is wrong


In sum, it just "feels" wrong. There are some non-Epiphones that I would suggest "go for it anyway''--this is not one of them. Cheers.

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