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Hummingbird - SETUP?


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I bought a used hummingbird about a week ago. I still think I got a good deal, but now I notice some buzzing on the low e string when played open and fretted on the 1st and 2nd fret.


I am probably going to get it set up, but I wanted to ask what was involved in setting up an acoustic. Am I correct that the basic adjustments possible are to change the gauge of the strings, change or adjust the nut, change or adjust the bridge, and adjust the truss rod?


I also want new strings, so I figure I'll kill 2 birds with one stone and have them put on as well.


Two more questions:


Which strings should I go with?


Approximately how much should it cost to get the bird set up?





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Yes, it sounds like your Hummingbird could use a setup. A setup usually includes possibly filing the nutslots, lowering or raising the saddle if needed, adjusting the trussrod to provide proper fretboard relief and also checking for and fixing any loose or lifting frets. I would definately spend a little money and at least have the saddle upgraded from plastic to either bone or tusq. I was lucky with my Hummingbird that I bought used as it already was upgraded and setup with a tusq nut and saddle. It sounds awesome now with new D'Addario 80/20 Bronze Lights (012-054) on it.

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