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Call Me Stupid, But I Need To Ask..

elleon ricardo

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hi guy, i need some advice,cause im in a bit of dilemma here.. i want to buy an acoustic electric guitar but i cant decide what it is cause all of them had a good sound, with overall good material and all


so i throw this question to you guys, and here's a bit of the pro- con


epiphone performer :

pro : great price, love the material ( flame maple)

con : made in china ( i heard the rumors say that their maple is not good enough ), laminated



takamine EG523SC :

pro : great price if its compare to the trademark, good wood material ( maple again...!!!), trusted quality ) and it is

japan made

con: hard to find cause i not living in US or western country, im in INDONESIA! no guitar centre, sweetwater,

musicians friend here and none of them cant their package to the corner of the world either


takamine EF341SC :

pro : very good wood material, love the sound

con : VERY PRICEY!! but if compare to the material is still a BIT reasonable.. come only in black color ( i just think if

im buying pricey guitar with good material it should have shown how good it was by paint it natural gloss )


yamaha LS-6

pro : good material, good quality, japan made, easy to find here

con : there's so much immitation can be found here, because there's a yamaha factory in Indonesia.. PRICEY guitar


ibanez EWC30

pro : so so quality, easy to find, exotic wood material, good model

con : never heard the sound, made in china


hagstrom viking deluxe

pro : good Price, good quality, i always want this guitar ever, some of famous guitarist or singer happen to had one

con : Made in china, using laminated wood

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Well having played with the Performer just last week I would go with that, besides its really just like the PR series and is a ton of fun to play and with my second choice well the LS series Yamaha is a pretty nice ax also.Ship as for the rest well I won't say what I think publically

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