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Sound problems on my black beauty.


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Just recently, my black beauty has been having some technical problems.

The sound quality and volume isnt consistent, and it seems to vary just just moving the guitar around slightly.

Sounds like a connection problem, but I dont think it is the jack.

Im extremely annoyed, seeing as I have no experience with internal electronics, and especially soldering.


Now would be a good time to mention, occasionally I used my pickup selector as a killswitch.

But I hadnt been using it around the time my guitar conked out.


Any tips ?


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So have you tried another jack !! As you say the volume varies to the slight movements I think that the one of the volume wires are loose so when you move your guitar sometimes it doesn't touches sometimes it doesn't touch the thingie !! Oh how will i explain !




Ok see the volume wire that goes to the pickups I guess that is loose a connection fault ..I guess that's the case or it could also be your jack being loose..not much of a help but worth a try !

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Guest icantbuyafender



honestly i wouldnt even experiment by fiddling with each individual wire.


id just reinforce the jack and switch connections and plug in.


i have a feeling thats what'll do it.


if not, it could be a rogue connections for one of the pots but,


if both p-ups are "conking out" its likely to be the jack or the switch


heh just resolder everything lol


if it still does it... get back to us

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Oddly enough, I began having the same problem with my Sheraton II.

But I thought it was the amp fading in/out.

Then after about a week it started with my "backup" amp too.

So that meant it HAD to be the guitar.

Until it started with another guitar too.

I FINALLY gave each of my 5 lead cables a thorough going over.

Turned out that at least 2 of them had bad spots that caused fadeout when the guitar moved around.

Now I use premium braided cables, with gold contact points.

Not had any problem since....and i'm back to using my Sherri & main amp.


Just an idea.

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Unless there's a loose pot that has rotated, wiring is less suspect than the output jack and switch contacts, as TWANG said. Don't forget that a bad cable going to the amp is a prime suspect.


Using your switch occasionaly as a kill switch is really a good thing as long as you don't cause mechanical damage by overextending the actuator and bending or breaking parts. Not using the switch allows oxidation to build up on the contacts. Flipping it frequently cleans the contacts due to their wiping action as they make and break.




Can you isolate the problem to a single pickup position? That would help to isolate the problem to a switch, pot lead, or switch contact.

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