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GFS "Vintage 59" or VEH?


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Since I picked up the P93 (newly fitted with a roller bridge and flatwounds [-X/ ) I’ve been thinking about swapping out the stock PU’s in my G-400 for something with a little more bite. Not wanting to spend a lot of $, and having heard good things about them, I’m looking at a pair of GFS PU’s: the “Vintage 59” and the VEH.


I like to play anything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and everything in between (Chili Peppers, Weezer, Zeppelin, G‘N’R, Metallica…), but I’m afraid the VEH’s will push the sound too far to one end of the spectrum, and a lot of people like the all-around sound of the 59’s.


Any thoughts, experiences, recommendations?




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i have both. go for the 59. the veh is hotter than the 59's. now it u like it crazy go for veh and 59 combo. veh in the neck and 59 in the bridge. that would sound nice.

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