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Les Paul Special II vs Les Paul Junior


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Welcome to the forum.

The L.P. junior came in two versions. The basic has a bolt on neck and cost around $100 U.S. currency. There was

also a "57" reissue. (A much better guitar with a set neck costing about 2 1/2 times that.) Neither is currently

in production, at least for the U.S. market.

The bolt on neck version of the Jr. was very similar in construction to the L.P. special. The main differences between the two are the bridge/tailpiece setup and the pickups.

The Jr. has a wraparound compensation tailpiece, no bridge and one pickup.

The special has a individual tailpiece and a bridge. It also has two pickups. Cost is about $170 U.S.

Both bolt on neck guitars are constructed of laminated bass and/or alder.

Both guitars have very minimal quality tuners.

Both bolt on neck guitars are considered entry level Epiphones.

If you upgrade the tuners and pickup(s) you are spending enough money to step up to a better model.

Left stock, the bolt on neck models of those guitars are adequate but nothing more.


Hope this helps,


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