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Wilshire's First Gig...


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...I took my alpine white re-issue for it's first gig with my new band. It was a big event (200-300 people + all the girls from our new roller derby team in town); it went better than any first gig had a right to go. The guitar did exactly what I wanted: got a lot of "what is that thing?" questions and looks. Really distinctive. The instrument performed admirably and got high marks from other musicans - esp. considering it's price. From my usage I can tell a few things:


- It stayed in tune quite well now with a new set of strings, it's original set didn't do very well. I'm using EB Heavy Top/Skinny Bottom.

- The electronics on this thing are horrible and need to go. I have a 10 band MXR EQ I run through my effects loop and hide in the back of my amp that squelches the squealing but this needs a complete 100% top down overhaul.


So... my $.02. I'm waiting for a DVD-R with our pictures to show up in my mailbox and I'll throw up a picture of it in action if anybody is interested!

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