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Hi guys. This is my first ever post here. I intend to be a the proud owner of an Epiphone Sheraton II in a matter of weeks.

Just a quick question I need some advice from SOMEBODY...

I had my heart set on a Gibson Les Paul Studio, but never played one, had the chance last week to try one out, but I was not blown away..


THENNNNNNNNN...I had an encounter with a Epiphone Emperor Regent, AND FELL IN LOVE with the feel of the neck, the fit and finish of the guitar...and just the confidence and comfortability I felt with that instrument in my hands. So I threw my les paul idea of the window and went hunting for the Epiphone that would suit me best (since the Emperor Regent is a straight ahead Jazzer...

....and I came to the conclusion that the SHERATON II is for mee after extensive youtube, harmonycentral etc... research!!

My question is...has anyone here ever played both of these guitars and can confidently tell me that these guitars have the same basic feel in their necks?


I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS....my sweetwater.com sales agent is checking it out for me with Epiphone, but it occured to me, that going to the people might get me a quicker response.



...and thanks in advance :-

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Welcome! Let me say that I have the Joe Pass Emperor regent II and the Sheraton and a DOT and

like you said the emperor is a straight up Jazz box. It really depends what kind of music you fancy.


as nice as the neck is on the Emperor the Sheri has a wonderful neck and can jazz it up with the best of them and also covers a wide spectrum of genres. you won't be dissapointed with the Sheri


hope this helps

:- :-&=D>

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Thanks so much!! But you still have not answered my question. I want to know if the necks on the Emperor Reg. and the Sheraton II are similar in size, i.e. have the same feel.

I have definitely decided I want the Sheraton II. But I need to know if their necks feel the same way.

Can you still help??

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I like the Casino way better. The Sheraton can feel dead..if ya know what I'm saying friend.


Are you kidding me? My Sherri keeps up with my Les Paul & My V-Factor (both Gibsons)

I play Blues, so I don't use distortion or effects pedals, just natural tube amp o/d, but the Sherri really sings.


I don't quite understand "feel" dead??........the neck on mine is slim and as fast as I need it to be.

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So, what do we call you "3-dash," or "Dash Meister?" ;>) Welcome to the labyrinth, the mystical place of confusing ideas, misinformation, and "delusional attitudes." (Just kidding...it's a Great place, most of the time). The Sheraton

has a similar shaped neck, and feeling. But, as with any guitar model, they do vary a bit, instrument, to

instrument. It's really easy, to get used to, and spoiled by, a Sheraton neck! Don't worry. In fact, Sheratons

can spoil one, all around! Just ask the proud owners, here.




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Well now [_=D>_-_], I have to concurr with CB - Sheratons do spoil one somewhat. And I have compared several Sheratons to several other semi's and pumped for the Sheraton (nearly) every time. But they differ from guitar to guitar, and I had to cherry-pick my 1996 out of a handful before I was 'over-the-moon' happy with the Sheraton.


I did an A/B comparison of my Sheraton with just one single Emperor Regent Natural and I did NOT like the feel of the Regent, nor the sound. How the neck dimensions compared I do not recall, but it did not feel good to me.


But several things come to mind here:-

I know my Sheraton is particularily good (I have played bad ones too).

The Regent may have been a Friday-afternoon dog or a real gem - I don't know.

The strings were a different make (though the same guage) on a different scale length.

The Sheraton was set up by me to suit me - and it does.

The Regent was set up for somebody else and did NOT feel good - to me.


Whatever else you do - TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Not ALL Sheratons are wonderful.....

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Thanks so much guys!!! My name is .....get this.... "Lines"...but Dash Meister is cool too lol; that is new one. Someone called me "Brick boy" before. So you guys can take your pick!!


I wish I could try before I buy, but i live in Barbados, so the options of actually trying are kinda limited. So I just go from online reviews, and hope for the best. It worked out for my bass guitar..got myself a TRB 1005 that has served me well and unfailing to this day; so I expect the same from the Sheraton II once it has a similar feel to the Emperor Regent.


You guys are the best #-o

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If the Emperor you could play feels good and you like it, I'd go for it and hold out on the Sheraton until you can actually play one and find one that suits your needs. I have an Emperor Regent and just love it...it's my favorite in my collection.

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