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At the moment we're discussing the casino sunburst issue that's been going on. We don't like the finishes on the new casinos and we'd love for you to change them into more "vintage" sunbursts, other than the "Beatles-Sunburst"...

Our question is, why don't you/can't you/will you not change the finishes? I dearly wished you could change the sunbursts into what they used to be if you don't want to be dropped by the people who love Epiphone the best (us! in this forum).

I do hope I/we don't hit a dead end wall (like on the Rickenbacker forum) but I'm just telling you, retro/vintage is as sought-after/desired as it has ever been!






PS: Could you also reintroduce the two-screw trussrod-cover like the 60's epis had? Those tiny new ones are ugly... (sorry)


Here are some pics of guitars that have THE PERFECT SUNBURST!







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That first shot is beautiful' date=' and makes the intrument much more desirable and valuable in the long run.


Where can I get one of those?


But perhaps this is an issue with new low-VOC finishes?[/quote']


You are absolutely right! I bet if all Casinos looked like this (or at least most of them), sales would go up by 234536% :D

But well... Korea isn't coming back either, so why should they change the finish...?! =(

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