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goth explorer annoying pot hum problem!!!! help!!!!


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Hi. This is my first post so be nice :-k8-[ anyway.... i just got a brand new epi goth explorer from Peter Cooks guitar world for just £200!!! Bargain!! anyway, theres a really annoying humming when i turn the pup volume down. if i turn the tone pot down it goes away which tells me it might be a grounding problem, whenever i touch any metal part the hum stops: pickup poles, bridge, tom, strings, pots. etc... So what do i do???? Thanks in advance, M.

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You need to look at the simple diagram on guitarelectronics.com

and compare that to your.. pull the cover off and look at each wire.

make sure they're the same.


the hum sounds like a simple ground problem to me.

so follow the ground wire paths first..


they have the types listed.. yours is two humbuck two volume two tone three way


so first look.. then come back if it's not something you can see.

It's nice to print the diagram out, they're printable, and keep in in your case!



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Hummm, hummm, hummmm...You are the ground (Koo-koo-ka-choo).

Twang is correct. Hope this diagram is large enough to read...


Les Paul style wiring, may be different regarding where capacitor legs are soldered,

yours MAY go from Vol pot to Tone pot instead of being on tone pot only. Ignore the

Cap wiring, just make sure ground wires are all interconnected, no "cold" (crappy)

solder joints, broken wires, etc. A point-to-point check with an Ohm/multi meter would

be great if you have or can do.



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if it makes you feel any better, my Epi Gothic Explorer has the exact same issue. I'm planning on replacing pickups and pots soon, so I wasn't going to put much time into it, but maybe I'll try to trace it just to get a better understanding to help me ground the new electronics properly.




[edit:] The following diagram should be a better match for an Explorer with its single tone pot. They're not quite the same as a LP: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/schematics.php?schematic=2h_2v_1t_3w

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Hums, crackles, pops, clangs, honks, and tweets are generally indicative of a ground problem. Usually the culprit is a small naked wire connected to one of the bridge posts that sometimes goes astray. Might wanna start there, and work your way out. Sometimes a hum is a telltale sign of a cold solder joint as well, might wanna look there too. Might wanna print up that diagram a few posts up, could help.

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