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Exactly...unless it's causing problems, somehow, I'd leave it. It's a very common remedy for the feedback that occurs from the top and back vibrating at different frequencies, as the volume increases. It's probably helping in reducing that kind of feedback, which of course, would be the only reason to have it in there, in the first place. And yeah, it's not really a mod, per se...and could be easily removed, if need be....



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What the hell is all of that crap on the front of his guitar?


Can you elaborate on what he did to solve the feedback issue?


Gladly ... he stuffed it full of foam and then used masking tape and duct tape to cover the f holes. Messengers were really interesting guitars. They had aluminum necks that extended into the bodies as sort of a tuning fork. Here, click on this link to watch a video interview of Mark Farner. At about 2:25 he talks at legnth about the Messenger:




I've always loved Farner. At 61 years old, he still rocks his *** off ... and has a great attitude about music, show business and life in general.



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