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A good problem? Wildkat! Heal thy self!


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Last week I mentioned my Wildkat's spontaneous bridge rattle. It happened with a singular string change just a .10 -the other 5 stayed put.


Well...I didn't get around to really doing anything with it till yesterday, and when I picked it up, the rattle was gone. I recorded with it for hours, and no rattle?! I'm not complaining, but what does that indicate? A come and go bridge rattle? A loose screw shouldn't have re tightened...so does that help narrow it down? My eyes aren't so good- there was a retention wire mentioned earlier that I failed to notice even though I looked for it. It is very secure. I triple checked, trying to move it. Nothing inside the guitar is loose....it's really kind of strange, no?

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ever take something apart.. can't find the problem.. put it back together.. no problem.

Those WWII guys were right.





Gremlins....f*****g "A".....that's all I need! LOL


Loose lips sink ships! Kilroy was here!



I was seriously considering some WWII bomber art for the Wildkat too...might as well now, already got the gremlins!

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Thankyou :P


Not sure what you call it...sunrise orange or something? Dunno. I like it too, a helluva lot! It was an eye opener for me...1st "cheap" guitar I ever had that I didn't end up having modded-and I play it more than any of my US made guitars save for my SG. I want another for back up. Can't justify the expense right now though....

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